Pollo Asado by Dominick's Chicken

At Dominick's Chicken, we are the experts in pollo asado. Our passion for this mouthwatering dish has driven us to perfect the art of grilling succulent, marinated chicken to perfection. Whether you're craving a simple family dinner or hosting a big gathering, our specialty is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Each piece of chicken is generously coated in aromatic herbs and spices that infuse it with irresistible flavors. Then, we expertly cook each piece until it reaches a juicy tenderness that melts in your mouth. Not only do we pride ourselves on serving delicious pollo asado but also on providing an exceptional dining experience. Our Peruvian restaurant also serves ceviche, a delicious and refreshing dish made with fresh seafood, citrus juices, and spices. Visit Dominick's Chicken today to taste our delicious foods!